Non-Toxic Masculinity by Thor Bradley


After our scent in collaboration with the one and only Thor Bradley dubbed 'Non-Toxic Masculinity' sold out twice, and received 100's of 5 star reviews we knew we had to do something more with this scent, so we made a room/linen spray AND restocked the candle. 

About The Scent:
Combines the fragrances of fresh-cut wood with the invigorating, crisp air of California's mountain tops. Carefully crafted to smell just like Thor himself.

Top notes: sandalwood, vetiver, bergamot & tonka.
Base notes: geranium, cedar & pine.


  • All natural soy wax with no additives or harmful chemicals.
  • Scented with essential oil based phthalate free fragrances.
  • Features a long lasting lead free, cotton core wick. (Our wooden wick version has been discontinued due to supply issues)
  • High fragrance output without being overpowering or artificial smelling.
  • 40+ hour burn time.
  • Handmade in California 

Our sprays are the perfect way quickly freshen up a space, linens or car. Just use 3-4 spritzes in desired area.

  • 4 ounces guaranteed to have thousands of sprays.
  • Scented with essential oil based phthalate free fragrances.
  • Features an ultra fine mist spray top to evenly distribute fragrance.
  • Poured into a reusable amber glass bottle.
  • Handmade in California


Customer Reviews

Based on 312 reviews
My favorite candle scent!

The scent is so perfect! It’s a little woodsy, sweet, and warm. I find that the scent even lasts for a while after putting it out so I don’t need to keep it lit for very long, just an hour or two is enough for the evening. I’m on my second order and very happy I tried it out!


Smells friggin awesome. Everyone who comes over asks about it!

Scott Sipes
Shifting scent of nontoxic masculinity

This is for the candle. Initial very pleasant scent of leather and tobacco with a hint of vanilla and musk. As candle sits unlit, it continues to scent the air. The scent shifts from leather and tobacco to mostly vanilla and then finally to all musk. After a few days, it appears to be stuck there. I think this means you need to burn it and then cover it to avoid the "locker room" odor. With that caveat, I can recommend it.

Tiffany Henderson
Strong Scent

It's got a strong scent that lasts a long time, even with just a couple sprays. Would definitely recommend & will be buying again!

Caitlin Crowley

I am so in awe of the linen spray I bought! Not only does it smell amazing, but 1-2 sprays lasts me 3 days!! I haven't even sprayed the couch or any linens yet, but I'm curious to see how long 1 spray lasts me when it's actually on fabric. I absolutely love this stuff!