Lavender Fields Double Wick


Unlike most lavender candles you’ll find at the store ours smells natural and real. Scented with natural essential lavender oils, with hints of bergamot and citrus to round it out. Toped with REAL lavender buds to give it a burst of that extra real lavender scent. 

Infused with essential oils:

Lavender, bergamot & Lemon zest 

  • Features a double wick with a 70 hour burn time.
  • High quality re-usable thick walled tumbler with black stained bamboo lid.
  • 14 ounces of 100% natural soy wax with no additives or harmful chemicals.
  • Scented with essential oil based phthalate free fragrances with lead free, cotton core wicks.
  • High fragrance output without being overpowering or artificial smelling.
  • Hand poured in California. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mimi Lenio
Best Candle !!

Hi quality, burns perfectly and smells divine!

Monica Alpigini
Fantastic candles

I buy Hazel Candle Co's lavender candles in any form they make them. I love their simple, clean design and I never tire of the smell - pure without overwhelming. Great product!

Aurie Riley
Candles to feel good about

I am hooked on hazel candle company! Their candles smell absolutely amazing. The lavender has actual buds in it that fill the room with the best smell after only a few minutes. I usually diffuse essential oils but when I really want a candle for a cozy feel, I use one of theirs because I feel good about the quality of materials they use to make them. With the pure soy wax, cotton wick, and oils for smell, they burn clean. I haven’t found any other candle anywhere else that has this quality AND puts out enough smell when burning. And their jars are simple and clean design so they really blend with any home decor without clashing. Which is just an added bonus! And for reference- the double wick jar filled my bathroom, master bedroom, and kitchen with smell after 3 hours of burning. That’s a big square footage of space for a candle! It was awesome! You get you money’s worth out of these. Love. Love. LOve.

Lindsey H
Morning ritual

I love this candle so much. I light it first thing when I wake up to set a relaxing tone for my day. The scent is very natural and clean.

Andrea C.

This candle is simply lovely. The beautiful container and the soothing elegant and spa like. I also love the double wick!